Steven Termini       pianist, composer, improviser  
         Audio  (seven selections currently available for download) 
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           1.  J. S. Bach:  Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 -- excerpt: Theme and 4 Canons (Var. 3, 6, 9, 12) 
           2.  Steven Termini:  Solo Piano Improvised Concert  (excerpt, recorded live in Texas) 
           3.  Steven Termini:  Piano Sonata No. 3, mvmt. II 
           4.  Edvard Grieg:  Humoresque, Op.6, No. 3 
           5.  Steven Termini: Sonata No.2  for Violin & Piano, Mvmt. I (rec. live in Sydney; Sun Roh, violin) 
            6.  Thelonius Monk:  Straight No Chaser  (Steve Dufrene, double-bass; Carl Napoli, drums) 
           7.  Steven Termini:  Ol' Rusty Dusty  (solo improvisation, recorded in studio) 
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         Recordings of Straight No Chaser and Ol' Rusty Dusty engineered by Don Westmorland.