Steven V-L Lee                                      Steven V-L Lee 
          Steven Termini    pianist, composer, improviser  
       " The concert began with works by the interpreter, which remained completely open whether 
       the pieces were written, fixed compositions or an improvised flash of inspiration [they were in 
       fact improvised].  In any case, the courage and riches of a brainstorm, provided that it revolved 
       around improvisation, are, for one of today's pianists, somewhat unusual."   
                                                                                                  - Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich       
        "When things go particularly well in a concert, it can be like catching a glimpse of God out of the 
       corner of my eyes. I know that God is much closer than this, but I am nevertheless grateful for even 
       the glimpse, since my performances often depend on the constant struggle to see anything at all." 
                                                                                                                         - Steven Termini 
             One of today's highly unique artists, Steven Termini is a former Rotary Foundation 
    International Ambassadorial Scholar to London, England, where he most recently studied 
    with Tatiane Sarkissova at the Royal Academy of Music. As a pianist, composer, and improviser, 
    he has performed internationally in Russia, Germany, England, Norway, Australia, and the USA. 
    His uncommon range of musical talent was recognized from a young age, including Second Prize 
    in the Boston Conservatory's national Competition for Young Composers (leading to the World 
    Premier of his String Quartet No.1) and a critically acclaimed solo concert at the Kloster Andechs 
    in Germany at 21 years of age. 
             Termini's completely improvised solo piano concert in Flekkefjord, Norway elicited a standing 
    ovation, while his appearance in the Continuum Ensemble's inaugural Competition for Improvisers 
    (London, England) earned him Second Prize and a special prize by audience vote. Termini's Halling 
    Variations for Violin Soloist and Orchestra (Requiem for Edvard Grieg) was given its World Premier 
    in St. Petersburg, Russia by Australian violinist Sun Roh and the State Academic Capella Orchestra 
    under the baton of British conductor Rudi Eastwood. Termini subsequently joined Ms. Roh for 
    concerts which included the three Brahms Sonatas for Violin and Piano at St. Petersburg's 
    Sheremetev Palace and Moscow's Rerikh Museum. Other unique collaborations have included duo 
    projects with animator Chiaki Tanaka, dancer Jem Darski, jazz double-bassist Josh Jones, and 
    London Underground featured visual artist Fari Shams. 
     Translations from the German by Valerie Mishek.